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Dellmon and Osgz’s lives are finally returning to  normal after SOE Live 2014.  With Dell’s on the ground experiences and Oz’s perspectives via Twitch, there is much to discuss.  From zombie prom to tournament play to Fippy and a schwag bag, your EQ2 Talk hosts leave no con stone unturned.  As if that wasn’t enough Dellmon wraps up this episode with Tales of Flight 778, Seat 4C.

Click here to listen to Episode 77

30th Aug 2014

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EQ2 Talk is a biweekly podcast about EverQuest II. It’s hosted by Dellmon and Aliscious, two players who want to talk about the game they love. Each show is about an hour’s worth of our opinions, thoughts and commentary on what’s going on with the game, where it’s come from, and where it’s headed – from a player’s perspective. We’re not “experts” – just a couple of average players who want to talk about the game.
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