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In this episode Dellmon and Osgz judge the newest expansion for Everquest II, Terrors of Thalumbra. While both hosts struggle in the swimsuit portion, they soar in the talent competition as they both discuss some of the high flying points of the new content and zones. Feathers did get a bit ruffled over just how much each wants their hand held while working through the quest lines. Listen in to see who is crowned the victor in this podcast and which dwarf just has to eat crow.

Click here to listen to Episode 80

28th Nov 2015

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EQ2 Talk is a biweekly podcast about EverQuest II. It’s hosted by Dellmon and Aliscious, two players who want to talk about the game they love. Each show is about an hour’s worth of our opinions, thoughts and commentary on what’s going on with the game, where it’s come from, and where it’s headed – from a player’s perspective. We’re not “experts” – just a couple of average players who want to talk about the game.
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